Angel Dialer

“Angel Dialer” Testing version released

Posted on: March 8, 2011

Angel Dialer (Testing) is a quick T9 phone dialer. It is in development stage. Comment are welcome, but be prepare for rough edge.

The Internet pemission is only for retrieving advertisement. No personal and contact information will be sent over the Internet.

Further support questions can be sent to

– T9 keypad quick search
– Blazingly fast contact searching
– Minimize taps to get the job done
– Maximize screen space to show search result
– Multitouch keypad for faster input of numbers
– Search contacts by whole word or first character of words
– Search contacts with English alphanet and Chinese phonetic (Hanzi Pinyin or Cantonese)
– Both contact name and phone number are searched
– Wild card search phone number and contact name (e.g Enter “123*4” match phone number “12399444”)
– Four views : search view, call log view, contacts view, and favourite view
– Show all phone numbers of contact in one place (click the thumbnail)
– Display custom phone and email type of Google contacts
– Long click contacts to show contextual options.
– Besides English, the application is localized to Traditional and Simplified Chinese
– Support adding pause to phone numbers

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  • None
  • Dean Mechler: No point in leaving any more comments... They aren't listening.... Make the alpha font bigger on the keyboard has been requested at least three times
  • Paxhe Aboutin: Dear Sir Make auto closing after the call, please.
  • Freeman: Dear Sir I like this and very useful for T9 dialed function and support Chinese. Is passable can you refer the "Youlu" app for phone list grouping


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