Angel Dialer

Tips to search in Chinese

Posted on: March 8, 2011

Angel Dialer is design to find contacts in Chinese quickly. Currently it support search in Hanzi Pinyin (i.e. Mandarin or Putonghua) or Cantonese.

User may enter the first character of the phonetic of each of the Chinese characters and the dialer will search contacts for you.

For example, the Hanzi Pinyin phonetic of Chinese name “陳大文” is “Chen Da Wen”. Hence users may search it by key in “CTM”, or “286”. As C is at the on the same key as 2, and so on.

Cantonese speaker may enter “239” as the name “陳大文” has Cantonese pronetic “Chan Tai Man”, and “CTM” can be represented by “239”.

By default, Angel Dialer enabled to search in Hanzi Pinyin only. If you would like to use Cantonese searching or both, you may change it in “Setting” scrreen:

– Click Menu button of the phone
– Select “Settings”
– Tick “Hanzi Pinyin searching” and/or “Cantonese searching”
– Click Back button and finish



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  • Dean Mechler: No point in leaving any more comments... They aren't listening.... Make the alpha font bigger on the keyboard has been requested at least three times
  • Paxhe Aboutin: Dear Sir Make auto closing after the call, please.
  • Freeman: Dear Sir I like this and very useful for T9 dialed function and support Chinese. Is passable can you refer the "Youlu" app for phone list grouping


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